There's 20 recorded original songs ready and scheduled for release over the next few years. I would like to thank the following people who contributed to this mammoth project:
David Doherty (Guitars)
Corey Shepherd (Bass)
Paul Kucharski (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Marcus Mclachlan (Drums)
Daniel Vistar (Vistar Productions - Sound Engineer and Mixing)
Bernie Wedrat (Mixing) 
Matthew Gray (Mastering)
Adrian Ayre and Matt Cox (Splat Studio - Video Productions)

The first single/music video, released in 2015, was My Therapy, a reverential-nod-to-Beethoven, Adelesque, lovelorn-but-cathartic, power-pop song. It's available on iTunes and CDBaby and all good digital stores, and you can watch and listen to the music video and behind-the-scenes documentary on my Video page or on my YouTube channel.
By popular request, the next three singles and music videos released were Stitches (2016), Mellow Harmony(2017) and Silent Ones (2017). These songs first appeared on my Demo Album (see reviews below). These were followed by In The Summer and Things Are Getting Better, both released in 2018. More singles are scheduled for release in 2019.
Stay tuned and thanks for your support – Raz


What a wonderful collection of songs, everyone a gem, and all written, sung (including all the delightful harmonies) and produced by the amazingly talented and delightful Shiraz. There’s the achingly beautiful and uplifting Among Us, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallellujah, with its breathy vocals, sensual lyrics, heavenly cathedral organ and epic, three-and-a-half minute coda. Elton John was right: when in doubt, write a hymn. To The Bay features an ethereal, hypnotic harmonium accompaniment and is another lovely song that will take you on a journey to a faraway place but jolt you out of your reverie with a line like “In the sun we blister/Like a timber door/You’ve heard this shit before.” Stitches reminds us that life is full of pitfalls from which there is no escape. It has an irresistible, sing-a-long chorus. P.S. is yet another song with a great melody and chorus and hints at unrequited love, vulnerability and seizing the moment. Then there’s Silent Ones, apparently inspired by a close friend, a haunting lament imploring us to listen to the deep and observant, but often silent thinkers among us. Apple Tree is a deeply moving tale of revelation, chastisement and redemption, sung from the heart and sparingly accompanied by delicate piano, cello, drums and bass. In Only A Step Away, Shiraz doffs her song arrangement hat to her idols, Crowded House. This is a sardonic love song hinting at uncertainty in a relationship “Don’t ask me why/’cause I can’t give a straight answer tonight/Wish I was a psychic and could read your mind/Still I feel like something’s deep inside.” The bluesy Hammond organ and harmonica infused tones of Mellow Harmony will again have you wondering how an 19-year-old comes up with the lines like “I love it when you hate me for a while/It gets me high.” Musically, Things Are Getting Better is an infectious pop song but with lyrical sensibilities that reach much deeper. All Together Now is a call to celebration and is another catchy song with commercial pop appeal. This is an excellent collection of songs for one so young.
 – Mark Patterson (XPress Music)

The bandwagon of sensitive female singer/songwriters from Brisbane that was started by Kate Miller-Heidke a few years ago keeps on rolling and producing more and more upcoming goods. One of the most promising of the crop is music and theatre student Shiraz Tilley (yes, Shiraz *is* her given birth name!). Born to music loving parents who have nurtured her creative growth, Shiraz is not your typical Brisbane chanteuse. She is multi-talented and plays guitar, keyboards, harmonica, djembe, flageolet, and sax on top of her singing and not afraid of demonstrating her instrumental versatility at her gigs which she and her parents organise rather than leaving it to the local industry moguls. Her voice is just as captivating and classy as her looks, it is full of soul and passion for someone her age whilst most of her peers are doing plastic disposable dance pop or reality tv cover ballads. If you like Sheryl Crow, Tori Amos, Carole King, Carly Simon, Xavier Rudd, Bob Dylan and Crowded House then you'll get a very good idea of where she is headed with her music direction. For an album that is modestly titled "Demos", this has a tight and polished production which is chock full of radio friendly tunes that sound just as much at home on 612 ABC Brisbane and Radio National as well as the likes of Triple M, Triple J and B-105. Each song is a well crafted gem from the Eagle Eye Cherry-ish "Mellow Harmony", to the retrospective "Apple Tree", the feel good "All Together Now", the upbeat acoustic dance vibes of "Only A Step Away", and the dirgey "Among Us" which is right up there with Robbie Williams' "Angels" or "The Day You Went Away" to commemorate the passing of a friend or loved one - it starts off quiet before exploding into a power rock song reminiscent of a Meatloaf ballad with some nice horn riffs towards the end. Definitely one to release as a single in its own right. "Things Are Getting Better" has touches of Yael Naim's "New Soul" to it before going into a tune of its own. Shiraz is clearly a worldly young woman who has learned a number of hard life lessons and now telling the stories through her music. This is highly edible, intelligent and first class contemporary rock that has the potential to do very well over here and overseas. Just like a bottle of wine that her namesake is, she's gonna get even better with age.
  – Fatpizzaman
Up and coming star. Shiraz Tilley (Demos) is the debut album for this up and coming Brisbane based singer, songwriter and musician. Every track provides a new and exciting insight into the endless talent Shiras has. Do yourself a favour and keep an eye on this extraordinary artist.... you won't be disappointed!!!
  – James Bartok (iTunes)
It's so refreshing to hear a voice that is different from the usual. Shiraz Tilley's talent is obvious as her voice blends around musical notes with much ease, giving us a pleasant musical experience! Lovely voice and melodies to listen to while relaxing, sipping on a nice wine. We need more of Shiraz's music to relax with, in these times we live in!
  – All that Jas (iTunes)

One word wow. This is great. Best music I've heard in a long time. This girl has plenty of talent and look forward to her future music.
  – JM1231 (iTunes)
Nice voice and strong writing skills. Raz reminds me of Aimee Mann, soft pleasing vocals. Her song writing is strong with fresh lyrics. I suspect she'll go far. 
 – David James (iTunes)